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Season 8 | Release Information

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Het, Dec 15, 2017.

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  1. Het

    Het Administrator Staff Member

    Nov 26, 2016
    Merry Christmas!

    I am so hyped about this new reset. I have added so much new stuff!! Expect glitches!! Let's start this off with the release dates and all the features that will be included.

    Important Dates
    ✔ Releasing at 5PM EST on December 15th.
    ✔ Grace period will end a week later at 5PM EST on December 22nd.
    ✔ KOTH events will start 5PM EST on December 22nd.

    Faction Top Prizes
    #1.$200 USD PayPal or $500 USD Buycraft

    Important Changes
    Will be all listed on our discord!

    Important Features
    ✘ Balanced & bug-free custom enchantments
    ✘ Maximum of 5 alts per ip
    ✘ Sugarcane growth increased by 2x
    ✘ Unique and custom spawn + warzone
    ✘ Gen buckets and sand scaffolding
    ✘ Custom coded spigot with cannoning patches and zero lag
    ✘ Balanced economy through a shop gui

    Cannoning Information
    ✘ Scatterable lava, no regens
    ✘ Auto cannons are not allowed
    ✘ East to west patched

    Bases & Factions Information
    ✘ 20 chunk buffers from main walls
    ✘ 50 members per faction
    ✘ 100 power per member
    ✘ Coleader and recruit rank
    ✘ Larger /f map and /f motd

    Events Information
    ✘ Koth is every 3 hours, koth crate
    ✘ Supply crates is every 2 hours in warzone

    World Information
    ✘ 10k x 10k Overworld Border (-5000 to 5000)
    ✘ 6k x 6k End Border (-3000 to 3000)

    ➥ The overworld, and end may have natural spawners, and will both be released at the same time.

    Grace Period Information
    ➥ Grace period will end at 5PM EST on December 22nd. Before this time, TNT and creepers will be disabled.

    Thank you all for reading and hopefully, we'll have an amazing eigth season!
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