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Helper Applications. Season 22

Discussion in 'Helper Applications' started by Platonic, Sep 3, 2019.

  1. Platonic

    Platonic Newbie

    Jul 14, 2017
    IGN: Pondos
    What is you timezone: My Timezone is AU.

    Are you a male or female: I am a male.

    Do you have a microphone and are you able to communicate: Yes i do have a microphone and i can communicate with any staff. I have Discord but not Skype Sorry.

    Do You Have Screenshot & Recording Software: Yes i do have a screenshot and recording software that i can post to higher staff than me.

    Have You Ever Had Any Infractions On LitRaids (Bans - Mutes) If So, Why: No i have never been banned. I have only be muted for spam he gave me 3 warnings and didn't listen and got muted for 10minutes. If so i have been a good boy since map 4.

    How Long Have You Been Playing LitRaids: I have been playing LitRaids since map 4 and have enjoyed my stay on this server so i decided to apply for staff.

    How Many Hours Can You Contribute To LitRaids Daily & Weekly: Daily i can probably stay 2 to 3 hours a day and weekly15 to17 hours weekly.

    How Do You Think You Can Benefit LitRaids: I think that i can Benefit LitRaids for my experience of being staff and how people know me and know my way of being that kind of player.

    How Would You React If You Were Put Into A Situation Which You Did Not Understand: I would see what i could do about it if its difficult i would give it to a higher staff to me if their online. If not i would try solve it myself or tell the player to wait a couple of minutes or more.

    What Would You Do If A Player Was Hacking (Answer As If You Were A Helper): I would Get proof of it (Record it) after i record it i check it and see if i got the real proof then i will see if he will admit it. If not ill show an admin or Sr.Mod.

    Why Do You Want The Rank Helper On LitRaids: I think that i have been on the server long enough and been in the community for awhile and i wanted to be part of the LitRaids team and help everyone out.

    Have You Had Any Previous Staff Experience: Yes i have. I have been staff on 2 servers which went down in 3 or 4 months and the other one i still up at this right momment which i dont play very much cause of LitRaids. I Can help the LitRaids community as much as possible and would help anyone that is in need.

    If You Were Accepted Onto The LitRaids Staff Team What Would You Main Goal Be: To Catch atleast 10 or under hackers and help 20 and above for questions or problems.

    Have You Had Any Trouble With Plagiarism & Bans On Past Servers: No I have been a good player so far only ban was on FearPvp for insiding a faction when was not allowed. Since that no not at all.

    Explain Some Cases In Which You Would Punish A Player (Important Question): If there was a problem between 2 players which happens most times i would see whats happened and check each stories with both of them and test the on some questions and see how it happened.

    Anything You Would Like To Add: No not at all so far i think i did well and hope i get accepted thankyou for looking at my Applications :D