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Easter Day Special

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Het, Apr 1, 2017.

  1. Het

    Het Administrator Staff Member

    Nov 26, 2016
    Hello Raiders,

    We have a lot of special surprises for this month! We will be doing some easter events on the 17th!
    • There will be a 70% OFF sale going on the entire time starting from april 1st till april 20th!
    • We will have a vote party every 50 votes.
    • There will be an Admin event Boss on Easter (17th April)
    • There will be a Crate key all on Easter (17th April)
    • We might do some extra events on Easter (17th April)

    We have been having a lot of updates since the revival of LitRaids. Here's a list of them:
    • Custom Bosses (Still has few glitches, however, it will be fixed soon)
    • A new crate called the LIT Crate (Prot 6 and Sharp 7 can be gotten from these)
    • Crate Key prices are WAY cheaper now
    • Added the Boosted Bundle and the Scroll Bundle
    • Addition of a brand new Token Shop (Grind for Keys and Ranks)
    • Brand new Anti-Cheat ( I know a lot of you died to hackers, hopefully, this won't happen again)
    • King of the Hill happens every 4 times daily.
    • Addition of a brand new LitRaids Server Discord
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